How it all fits together

ps creative communications is a different type of agency, led by Pamela Bailey, which draws on an intelligent, strategic business model, developed and refined to deliver maximum benefit for clients.

In practical terms, that means accessing Pamela’s extensive black book to pull together the very best people for the job.  Experts who work alongside her, adding a high octane shot in the arm to clients’ communications programs, and providing cost-effective solutions which help build their business and communicate what they do best to those who need to know it.

And so custom-built teams of experts are created for each project, comprising the prodigious talents of a tightly-knit, international team of experienced independent professionals who work collaboratively on a wide range of communications and design projects.

Passionate about what we do, and privileged to work in the creative industries creating work that we love, for clients who are great to work with and – perhaps best of all – are just as excited to work with us.

Who share our passion for excellence and understand that great work frequently flows from having fun, sharing ideas, and collaborating to create something new that truly exceeds the sum of its parts.

So, whether your organization needs strategic communications, copywriting, photography and video, online and print design, marketing, social media, media training or ‘traditional’ media relations – or perhaps a mix of all of the above – Pamela has the perfect, award-winning team standing by.

From industry and the arts to education, not-for-profit and Government agencies, from start-ups to established groups engaged in property, architecture and design, as well as transportation, engineering, retail and digital media. It’s what ps creative communications does, and does exceedingly well.

But don’t take our word for it.  Cast your eye over a few of the (embarrassingly nice) things clients have said, or check out a few favourite projects.