Creative collaboration: how does that work?

From time to time, when I explain how ps creative communications operates – for the record: collaboratively in close consultation with my network of experienced associates not necessarily based in the same city: even, on occasion, the same Continent – I can encounter some rather bemused expressions.

“How does that work?” or “Isn’t it exhausting / time-consuming / inefficient / challenging?” frequently follow. You can substitute, literally, any number of phrases provided they carry the appropriate level of skepticism, puzzlement or incredulity.

The answer is simple. It’s an incredibly efficient way of working which does away with the ‘gatekeepers’ and hierarchy which have long existed in many larger agencies, and – based on close personal working relationships forged over many years – cost-effectively delivers outstanding results.

Every player in our team is their own boss, and brings extensive business acumen plus an impressive track record in providing creative communications solutions for a wide range of clients drawn from the full spectrum of the public and private sectors. And each associate is fired up: driven to consistently create excellence as a committed, active and loyal participant in a hand-picked network of mutually-supportive colleagues.

Differing time scales are of little consequence. In North America we deal daily, and seamlessly, with numerous time zones as a matter of course. In fact this can operate to our clients’ advantage as we continue to work through the end of their working day, with results delivered to their Inbox before they return to their desks the following morning.

I have operated this business model since the mid-1990s, and clients assure me they would now resist working any other way. Moreover, it matters greatly to them that the seasoned team of strategic communications, web design, social media and photography and video professionals – whom they initially appointed – remain in place throughout, with no surprise ‘substitutions’ of much greener faces no sooner than the ink has dried on the contract.

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