Getting to grips with grammar

If spelling bees and compulsory reading texts cast a pall over your early school days, then rest assured: you’re not alone.

For every person who loves the written word – for whom spelling and syntax comprise endlessly fascinating threads seamlessly weaving together life’s rich communications tapestry – there is another, considerably less enthused individual who never quite shed their early disdain for matters grammatical.

And so, in a no-holds-barred attempt to regain past glories – or overturn still-smarting scholastic travesties – we invite you to banish those didactic demons by following the link to this fun Grammar Test, courtesy of our friends at The Guardian newspaper.  And yes, we almost all came a cropper on one of the trickier points!



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  1. Grahame Gardner says:

    Great test, Pam. I missed that one at the time. I got 12/14 – yay! Often it’s the grammatical definition that iI struggle with, even if I know how it should read – I struggled to remember how to define a gerund!

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