the journey from pr to ps

Making a change is never easy. However easygoing, amenable, creative or adaptable we like to think we are, there is almost always resistance, however imperceptible. And so it should follow, logically, that pushing through major change should be accompanied by correspondingly massive discomfort, yet it isn’t always so.

In my own case, the relocation from Glasgow in the UK to Ottawa in Ontario has meant a transition from my previous successful public relations consultancy – PR Continuum – to the more digitally-focused, strategic communications agency: ps creative communications. More measured evolution than wholesale reinvention, as it turns out.

I have been a consummate and passionate wordsmith from my earliest days, thus the shift further into the digital world – where quality content continues to reigns supreme over much of the banal drivel that battles to grab our already-overstretched attention – has proven a satisfyingly natural fit.

As a dual Canadian and UK citizen, I bring a deep appreciation and love for both cultures while retaining an objective view of the strengths – and potential shortcomings – of each. I have been both fortunate and honoured to have former UK-based clients return to ask me to continue working with them across not insignificant time differences, and have revelled in proving, together, the old adage that it truly doesn’t matter where we are based since it’s the quality of work that ultimately counts.

I still work with a fabulously-talented, and totally dedicated network of experienced associates with whom I build hugely-effective teams for client projects, where learning curves are negligible and clients are delighted to work with senior associates throughout vs the office cat which, sadly, can so often happen after the pitch has been won.

Having my feet – and heart – rooted firmly in two complementary cultures allows me to bring a wider perspective and awareness of multiple customers’ needs – a priceless attribute, I believe, in today’s international marketplace, where borders barely exist and target audiences hail from any combination of cultural, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Sometimes, a change really is as good as a rest.

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  1. Louise McVey says:

    Interesting post, enjoyed reading this. I like to think I can appreciate the changes from a similar (albeit on a much smaller scale) move from PR to digital!

    Website looks fab, good job!

  2. Katja Maas says:

    Can’t wait to work together on the next project!

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