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This case study features:Communications strategy and campaign management; proactive media relations; crisis management; print and online advertising, web design and management; event production liaison; government relations

Pure Glasgow

Highlight event of the STUCs 100th Anniversary celebrations

Colloquially titled, this high-profile event formed the jewel in the crown of the STUC’s 100th Anniversary celebrations, and the comprehensive advance media relations campaign devised by Pamela Bailey had resulted in extensive media coverage and high levels of anticipation for this one-day celebration packed with free music, dance and family-oriented entertainment.
From early morning on the day of the event (Sunday), thousands of participants were already en route to their marshaling stations, to take part in a mass Mardi Gras-style parade through the streets. News bulletins began carrying news of the unthinkable – the death of Diana, Princess of Wales earlier that same morning.
Our team stressed the urgency of cancelling the event, as a mark of respect, at a speedily-convened steering group meeting and explained the proposed strategy for conveying the cancellation announcement to media in a manner designed to minimize potential backlash. We immediately set about contacting media, advising of the cancellation and reassuring that the event would be re-rescheduled.

Far from attracting criticism, the clients were applauded widely in the media for their sensitivity and respect and held up as a model for others to follow. Several previously-scheduled events quickly followed suit, with the re-scheduled ‘Pure Glasgow’ event taking place several weeks later.

CLIENT:  Glasgow City Council and the STUC (Scottish Trades Union Congress)
(Municipal Government and political advocacy group)


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