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This case study features:Communications strategy and key message development; proactive international media relations; event management.

Strength in Numbers

International, collaborative, digital media and marketing intelligence workshops in Edinburgh and Glasgow

Working across international time lines, our team set up a series of media interviews and op ed articles, in the UK, for these cross-cultural, international masterclasses showcasing best practice in collaborative political advocacy for marketing teams attending from the performing arts, cultural and tourism sectors.
The workshops dealt with easy-to-adopt ways to harness ‘The Strength in Numbers’ – an organization’s existing data collected from ticket sales, audience demographics and past and current buying patterns – to demonstrate value for money and business development potential as well as the pivotal role played by the arts in regional economic development – particularly crucial in the current, recessionary climate.
Despite their extremely niche nature, media coverage for the masterclasses was secured within a combination of the UK’s most influential arts management publications, newspaper cultural sections, and community magazines.

CLIENT: Culture Sparks in association with the Philadelphia Cultural Alliance
(Intelligence and innovation consultancies serving the cultural sector)


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