(Guide to Business STRATEGY Services):

Strategic communications planning

Crystalizing key messages which sum up your organization, its values, products, services and goals, as well as those key target audiences with whom you need to communicate and the best channels through which to reach them through a sustained program of clear and effective communications.

Issues and crisis management

When the worst happens, communicating proactively and honestly with the media, customers and stakeholders on an ongoing basis to minimize damage and safeguard reputation.  Ideally, a crisis plan will already have been put in place to rehearse crisis teams, and eliminate knee-jerk response.

Media relations

Proactively building relationships with the media on your behalf.  From establishing initial contact to drafting news announcements, setting up interviews and delivering regular news, comment and key messages as part of a planned, systematic program of contact with identified target audiences designed to your enhance your organization’s profile and reputation.

Media training and coaching

Preparing for interviews with the media, helping to find your personal style that allows you to become more comfortable, and confident to tell your story in the most compelling way during potentially stressful interview situations.

Corporate social responsibility

Reviewing and monitoring the whole spectrum of an organization’s activities, and designing a plan to ensure that these remain aligned with the social, economic, and environmental expectations of the communities served.  CSR-focused businesses proactively promote the public interest and encourage community growth and development.

Event management

Project managing special events such as parties, festivals, meetings and conferences.  Comprises everything from devising initial theme, concept, budget and timeline through to venue hire, catering, speakers, entertainment, media handling, risk management and contingency planning. 

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