(Guide to Business WRITING Services):

Corporate branding / communications

Developing a strong and recognizable visual identity, with corresponding values and messages, that help to position your organization, its products and services as credible and trustworthy to the various audiences, including customers, stakeholders and opinion formers, with whom you wish to communicate.

Internal communications

The planned, sustained process through which an organization communicates with its internal audiences – including employees, shareholders and suppliers – informing them of important developments and changes within the organization, and fostering team spirit, collaboration and understanding of shared cultural values and objectives.

Communications audits

Systematic and objective assessment of an organization’s communications infrastructure and programs to determine how effectively these are achieving stated goals and objectives in reaching identified target audiences.  Pinpoints what is working well, where shortcomings exist, and potential performance-enhancing improvements.


Agreeing and developing key themes, messages, points and positions to be conveyed, then conducting appropriate research to craft an informative, original and authentic speech. Briefings can be conducted, ideally in person, but also via phone or email.

Digital communications and social media

Devising a tailored program of digital communications and social media to most effectively establish and maintain a program of two-way communications with an organization’s key target audiences. Includes establishing ‘online voice’ and tone, identifying ongoing resource issues, monitoring and analytics, and crisis communications planning.

Consumer and business-to-business marketing communications

Just as a consumer audience differs from a business audience, so different channels of communication exist to most effectively reach and influence these distinct groups.  Any effective marketing communications plan should therefore be tailored to reflect the communications channels to which these groups turn for news, industry developments and professional best practice.

Strategy Services